Our  dedicated team of staff, led by Headteacher, Miss Julie Wilson, aim to do their very best for your children.  Here are their details, with photos where available:


Miss Julie Wilson


Designated Safeguarding Lead


Mrs Elaine Mather

Senior Teacher (Wed/Thurs)



Mr Joshua Taylor

Elm Class Teacher (YR/1)


Mrs Lily Richardson Maternity Leave

Ash Class Teacher (Y1/2)


Mrs Jessica Pemberton 

Ash Class Teacher (Thurs/Fri) (Y1/2)




Mrs Emma Rice

Ash Class Teacher (Mon/Tues/Wed) Y1/2)

Miss Marianne Bailey

Oak Class Teacher (Y3/4)

 Mrs Kerry Bullas

Pre School Manager

Maple Class

Mrs Elisa Kirby

Pre School Supervisor 

Maple Class

Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Claire Leaver

Teaching Assistant - Full Time

Elm Class (YR)

Mrs Jo O'Malley

Teaching Assistant - Until 1pm daily

Oak/Ash Class (Y4/3/2/1)


Mrs Lisa Cole

Teaching Assistant - Monday and Tuesday until 2pm

Oak/Ash Class (Y4/3/2/1)

Mrs Karen Bate

Teaching Assistant - Wednesday, Thursday and Friday until 2pm

Oak/Ash Class (Y4/3/2/1)

Ms Katy Green

Afterschool Club Supervisor/Pre School Assistant

Mrs Lesley Farmer

Wraparound Manager/Midday Supervisor



Mrs Katalin Petri

Breakfast Club/Midday Supervisor


Mrs Lisa Cole

Midday Supervisor

Monday and Tuesday

Mrs Karen Bate

Midday Supervisor

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Miss Sophie McCotter

Midday Supervisor 


Mrs Heather Edwards

School Secretary






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