Eco School

Fladbury CE First School is proud of its environmental strategy and has worked hard to achieve an Eco Schools Silver Award.  Children take part in activities such as composting waste, growing (and eating!) our own strawberries, having our own wormery, having a nesting box of our very own where we monitor the birds, visiting local orchards to see how to grow fruit, finding out about bees, and creating a tower for our minibeasts to call home !

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Eco Schools Awards


A recent successful £10,000 lottery grant enabled us to purchase an Outdoor Eco Classroom, opened by our MP Nigel Huddleston and local councillor Michelle English.  The eco house will enable children to learn about sustainable energy as there is a solar panel and a wind turbine and children can accurately measure the output of the energy produced by both wind and sun.  They have already found out that enough energy is quickly produced to light a lamp and also to recharge a laptop, which is encouraging them to think hard about ways they can save money and help the planet by using renewable energy in the future.  Eco Warrior, Toby Jennings, aged 9, said “The sun’s rays and the wind are free so it makes sense to use them !”  Josh Bird, aged 8, was equally enthusiastic “The eco house is brilliant and we can even put up a ‘hide' around some of the panels to do some secret bird watching.”








Mrs Pemberton and Eco Club are currently working on achieving our Green Flag status.

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