Welcome to Willow!


Miss Bermingham is our Teacher, our Teaching Assistant is Miss Driscoll, and we are very lucky to have Mr J and Mr Jones completing their teacher training with us this summer term. There are currently 24 children in Year 2.


This busy summer term will focus around our topic ‘Space’.

  • Using their IT skills, the children will research and present their findings of the explorer ‘Neil Armstrong’. From here, they will produce a newspaper article following the timeline the children will create of the landing of the ‘man on the moon’.
  • The children will use their imagination to design a planet and persuade aliens to come and visit.
  • Continue to observe our plants during science and link this with understanding our seasons.
  • Alongside plants, also in science the class will be working together to identify the properties of different materials. This will help support their investigation to conclude which material is best for their own rocket (to be made in Design and Technology).     
  • In Maths, the children will continue to practise thier calculations alongside; postition and direction, time and measurement. 
  • Our SpaG focus is around apostrophes, adverbs and our common exception words.


Just a quick reminder:

  • PE kit to be in school on a Friday
  • Maths Games can be changed on a Monday
  • Spelling Tests on a Monday
  • Reading Challenge at home, books can be changed once finished and signed
  • Water bottles, clearly labelled and filled with just water
  • Sun cream and hats, labelled

www.educationcity.com continues to be an engaging resource for the classes learning, any opportunities to play alongside and support your children would be much appreciated.


Websites for support your child, with their new learning:


Once again, my door is open to support yourself and the children. I am looking forward to a fulfilled Summer Term.


Miss Bermingham