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School Policies & Documents

  Last Updated Review Policy
Admission Policy 2020-2021 2019  
Anti Bullying Policy Nov-15  
Appraising Teacher Performance and Dealing with Capability Issues Policy  Nov-15  
Attendance and Punctuality Policy Jan-18  
Behaviour Policy Sep-18  
Charging & Remissions Policy Dec-14  
Collective Worship Policy Dec-15  
Complaints Procedure and Policy and Complaints Summary Procedure Sep - 17  
Educational Visits Policy Jan-15  
Finance Policy & Statement of Internal Control Sep-15  
Fire & Safety Policy Sep-16  
Health and Safety Policy (Resources, staff and buildings) Mar-15  
Health, Safety and Welfare Policy Mar-15  
Home/School Agreement    
Lettings Policy Jan-17  
Medical Conditions Policy Mar-17  
Pay Policy Nov-16  
Privacy Notice for parents and carers Jun-18  
PSHE & Citizenship Policy Apr-17  
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy  Sep-18  
Special Educational Needs Policy Jun-15  
Sun Safety Policy Apr-16  
Teaching for Learning Policy Sep-18