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Welcome to Ash


Miss Grove is our teacher with Mrs Wood as our teaching assistant.
There are currently 22 children in Year 3.


We have some fantastic topics lined up for children this year and we will be starting with rainforests for this half term. We will be learning about where they are, what the climate is like and what plants and animals live there. We will also be looking at some environmental issues of deforestation and discovering some traditions and cultures of some of the rainforest tribes.


We are starting the year by reading The Great Kapok Tree and using the text to write a letter of persuasion. We will then be looking at non-chronological reports and writing our own travel guides to the Amazon Rainforest.


Each child will be given a spelling book which will contain the list of spellings they need to learn and practice at home for that week. Spelling tests and new lists will be given out on Fridays, and therefore children will need to bring their spelling books into school on Friday mornings. 


It is crucial that children are to be given regular opportunities at home to read to you.  You can also use this time to help your child understand their book by discussing the characters, setting, and plot or finding out the meaning of words they are unsure about.


During this half term the children will be developing their place value and number knowledge. They will be learning how to recognise the value of each digit in a three-digit number, find 10 or 100 more or less than a number, compare and order numbers up to 100 and solve number problems and practical problems including these ideas.

Maths games will go out on Fridays to be played at home over the weekend. Please ensure that they come back into school complete so that other children can enjoy them.


Children will need to bring their PE kits into school on Mondays and Fridays. In gym we will be creating a rainforest dance and in games the children will be developing their tag rugby skills. Please ensure that as we move into the colder months, children have tracksuit bottoms and a jumper to wear for games outside.



The children will have Mrs Rice all day on Tuesday and will have music and French with her in the afternoons.


Useful websites - https://ec1.educationcity.com/


See also: Class Specific Cirriculum