Vision and Strategy


Every child at Fladbury will know they are loved by God, have a happy heart and be part of a flourishing, well-led school.  When they leave Fladbury, they will be well-prepared to meet challenges, confident in their abilities and look forward to their bright future with an open mind.

John 10:10, "I came that you may have life and have it to the full."



Our Mission statement will be achieved through these 3 key aims:

  1. Demonstrating God’s love through HAPPY HEARTS
    • By embracing the values of the Christian faith ensuring children understand the values of friendship, compassion, wisdom, perseverance, forgiveness, thankfulness and that they gain a clear understanding of right and wrong
    • By working in close partnership with parents and carers, through good communication
    • By encouraging interaction with the wider community
    • By ensuring all staff are offered opportunities for professional development and supporting them in demonstrating a high level of commitment to the aims of the school


  2. Through positive attitudes and OPEN MINDS
    • By recognising personal achievement, initiative and high standards in all work and extra-curricular activities, and by the positive reinforcement of good behaviour
    • By encouraging open minds and self-discipline to further develop self-confidence, individual responsibility and teamwork
    • By respecting similarities and differences and demonstrating mutual respect


  3. Through enabling all of our children to achieve their goals and have BRIGHT FUTURES
    • By delivering high quality teaching and learning experiences that promotes initiative, high standards and progress for all
    • By enabling them to flourish academically, socially, intellectually and physically, and to move forward with confidence
    • By preparing them for future challenges and opportunities and encouraging them to continue a journey built upon strong Christian values.





a) To achieve an Ofsted Category 1 Outstanding by July 2017.

b) To recruit twenty new pupils by Sept 2016.

c) To monitor uptake of and encourage participation in Schools Out wraparound care.

d) To return to a positive carry forward by April 2017.

e) To explore options to expand year groups and to review physical capacity by September 2016.

f) To determine the future status of the school within the Pershore Pyramid (informal partnership, Federation, Diocesan of Worcester Multi Academy Trust).


2. Context:

The school achieved an Ofsted Category 2 Good in May 2014. This was a rapid turnaround from the Category 4 judgement in January 2013 and was as a result of the appointment of a new Head; professional support from the County; a comprehensive reorganisation of staffing and governors following a skills audit; and an intensive training programme for all governors.

The role of the Governors Management Group (GMG) and the adoption of a robust Strategic Improvement Plan (SIP) closely monitored by this group contributed significantly to the rapid improvement.


During the academic year 2014/15 good progress continued.  The school experienced staffing difficulties due to illness which impacted on last year’s targets being achieved.  Progress has been made towards each of the targets listed in (a) and (d) but this had been a period of consolidation and as a result achievement of these key aims is carried forward to September 2017.


Recruitment had been strong at the school and the target of 20 new pupils being recruited for September 2015 was achieved.


The new initiative to recruit a Wrap Around provider was achieved by September 2015.


3. Factors to take into consideration

a) Future progress with regards to the improvement of teaching and continued pupil tracking will be monitored through the SIP (Strategic Improvement Plan) and the SEF (Self Evaluation Form) by the Curriculum & Standards Committee (CSC). CSC will report half termly to the full Governing Body (GB).

b) The role of all sub-committees and link governors in monitoring agreed areas of the SIP will be crucial in achieving the stated aim of achieving an Outstanding Ofsted judgement by July 2017. Chairs of sub-committees will be required to ensure these areas are regularly reviewed and progress reported back to the GB termly.

4. Additional actions to achieve the required aims laid out above.

Taster sessions, positive PR, active management of website, promotion of Mother & Toddler Group, events (aim 1b) Marketing and PR Committee

Wrap around care - prudent management of contract (aim 1c) HT & Personnel Committee

Careful monitoring of budget control (aim 1d) HT & Finance Committee

Fundraising (in conjunction with PTFA) (aim 1d) HT & Finance Committee

Consultation with potential partners, parents, the County, Pershore Pyramid and the Diocese (aims 1e and 1f) HT & full Governing Body


Adopted by full GB October 2015