Welcome to the  PTFA (Parent, Teacher, Friends Association) section of the school website. We are a friendly group of dedicated volunteers striving to raise funds for our fabulous school. The PTFA strengthens the link between home and school, bringing staff, parents and children together socially in support of the school. The PTFA is a great way for new parents to make friends.

What we do

Every year the PTFA raises money to fund the “extras” that are not provided by the school’s budget.  In the past year we have funded Forest School Equipment, Interactive Whiteboards in Willow and Oak, Christmas Presents for the Children and new fish for the school fish tank.  The majority of our funds are raised through the events that we run such as the Christmas Fayre, Walkabout, Disco’s etc.  We have some great new ideas for 2017; however we do rely on parents and friends of the school to help us run these events so please join in - you will be very welcome.

Who's Who

Chair/Secretary – Karen Saunders/Jo Yates Email:

Treasurer –

Committee:  Michelle Brotherton, Nastaha Cuffley, Sally Doel, Tanya Gebhardt, Mike Tomlin,


We usually meet twice each half term and when there is an event to be organised a sub-committee may arrange to meet more frequently. Meetings are held in the evenings at someone’s home so if you are stuck for a babysitter, don’t worry, children are welcome. The date, location and time of meets are advertised in the Fanfare as well as posted on the notice board at school along with information on upcoming events. If you would like to help out but cannot attend the meetings you can join the Friends of the PTFA and we will send you regular updates of what we are up to and details of how you can help out.


PTFA Newsletters
Summer Term July 2015

Auction of Promise Invitation Letter Oct 2014

Autumn Term Sept 2014


PTFA Minutes - See below

November 2016

Apologies – Julie Wilson, Natasha Cuffley, Liz Gough

Treasurers report.
It was reported that there is £2848.00 in the bank plus a futher £137.00 that was raised from the Halloween disco.

Bangers and Bingo - Cancelled until 27th January this will be re-named “Pay day Bingo” will check with the social club to see if the venue is available Simon the pie man to do the sausages.

School Discos
PTA will spend £200 on disco lights and balls, all members thought that the disco’s continue to be a good fundraiser so will be a good long term investment. There was only one lots of lights found at the Halloween Disco does anyone know where the other sets are?

A questionnaire to all parents to go out, Angela Stanley offered to do a form asking parents what they wanted the PTA to fund. If most parents agreed we would go ahead a purchase the Phonics school has requested for the children.

Christmas Raffle
Fiona has got the tickets done and printed and today given to Miss Wilson to get into the book bags. All children will be given 2 books to try and sell. Lots of bottles were given (Sadly Sarah Meadows Bayleys was stolen from school) we also have a voucher from Katie at Ocean Blue and Jo is making a door reed again. Could someone ask The Chequers and Simon for prizes? The draw will be on December 9th

Auction of promises - This is been moved due to Christmas and time to take place on Friday March 10th 2017  More information to follow!

Children in Need - A toy sales will be taking place, Carley Wikins and Sarah Meadow offered to organise and help.

Xmas Presents for Children
Miss Wilson, said the teachers would all like one large class present, Sarah Meadows suggested Chocolate boxes or something small that Santa can give out like last year, we said we would keep a look out for some cheap boxes, and Staff teachers would let us know what they would like.  We have a budget of £205 for presents.

Helpers needed for Tuesday 13th December in the afternoon to make the Christingles with the Children. The PTA will provide the Oranges, sweets, and candles. We did think that the PTA could buy 50 LED lights for this?

Mum’s Pamper Night 9th December 2016
We will be holding a Neil’s Yard party, at Carley’s house, where we can buy products, have a mini facial, foot massage, wine and nibbles, PTA will buy some wine as a thank you for old members and as a recruitment evening to attract new ones. Jo will also be doing manicures that evening.

Wish List from School
White Board for Elm this is a big expense at £3000 as they are interactive but essential for learning.  Step for Willow to be able to access the whiteboard, Fiona spoke to Louise Bugg and Friends of Fladbury may help with this. Miss Wilson getting a costing.  Interactive sound system for the Hall.  Listening stations.  Wheelbarrow

Fiona Pack and Angela Stanley will be standing down after Christmas, Jo Yates will stay as treasurer, Karen Saunders said she was happy to do vice chair, however a new chair will be required. Lucy Sullivan was suggested as an ideal candidate although I am not sure she knows this yet!

Date of Next Meeting To be arranged New Year

20th April 2016

Firstly a big thanks for everyone who came last week it was great to have such a productive meeting and to get so many new ideas.

Treasurers Report - Jo Confirmed the following there is £1994.65 in the bank and we made the following money: Valentines Disco £104.00 

Easter Egg Hunt £174.00

Guess the Duck & Raffle £64.00

with regards to the mandates for the bank that is in hand and been dealt with by Jo Yates.

Fundraising ideas - Michelle Brotherton suggested doing a 10k run similar to Crowle fun run, it was suggested we could get this organised in September at the start of the next school year, the children could also be involved in a shorter run. The Easter Egg hunt was considered to be worth doing again next year, also a children’s clothes sale was another good idea and was suggested for June.

Bingo - This was decided to be left until the Autumn

Disco - Spring Disco was booked in for Friday 20th May Miss Wilson to ask Mrs Mather is she is available to DJ! Natasha, Michele B, and Karen offered to help with the door

Summer Disco was booked for Friday 15th July

Father’s Day - It was decided that the children would do coasters FP to get either tiles or plastic ones where they could draw in the middle, Carley said she would check with Simon the pie man about doing the hot dogs on Monday 20th June as the butchers is shut.

Shed for PTA - This was decided to be put on hold for now.

WALKABOUT Weekend - Hot food was discussed and decided to be the same as last year.  Saturday Hot dogs and drinks & Sunday Hot Pork Baps FP to ask Karen Bates about Pork and sausages.  It was decided that we would push the tombola this year as it always makes a lot of money Non uniform days were booked with Miss Wilson in exchange for prized as follows.

Friday 29th April (Toys and Smellies)

Friday 27th May (Alcohol & Bottles)

Friday 24th June (Chocolate)

It was also agreed that instead of Maypole dancing school would get a group of children to sing for a change as they are doing so well at the moment. FP will inform the walkabout Committee of this and keep them in the loop.  Sarah Meadows has done a spreadsheet ( Thanks Sarah x) that will be in reception for parents to fill out the times they can help out over the two days with the hope that it won’t be the same people doing most of the hours.  There will be stall holders selling sausages and pork products, candles, and children’s clothing could people let Fiona know more information so I can inform the walkabout lot so it goes in the programme.  Other ideas for the children we can do are guess the jar of sweets, Name the Teddy, Raffle, Boxes of things to guess. Help was needed also for setting up and taking stuff down.

Fun Run - Angela was going to talk to Ezbe to get all the bits from last year; Andy Train is not available as he is on holiday to do warm up so we need someone for that. We also need Stewarts, First Aid, Drinks on the course, timers, medals, etc. Sarah Widmer, Angela, and Michelle B said they would help but more organising is needed for this to get sorted.

Quiz Sheets - Sarah Meadows offered to do a quiz sheet to go in the book bags for the children to do for a prize. Race night was also discussed as a potential idea for the next meeting.

Facebook PTFA Page - It was agreed that this would be a good idea for some of the new parents to get help a couple of Mums, offered to set this up.

Queens 90th Birthday Street Party - Friends of Fladbury are organising a street party on Sunday June 12th and would like the PTA to be involved by running a fancy dress competition this was agreed and FP will email Jane and Louise Bugg to let them know.

Wish List - Miss Wilson has a long list, but it was agreed that we would like to help get The Quiet garden sorted; Jo has one quote for about £1500 so we were going to get a further quote done and start the ball rolling with this.

Next meeting to be in The Pub after half term, will get a date in well before the walkabout.

Anything I have missed or you need you can get me on


January 20th 2016

Approval of previous minutes, apologies Lisa Cole, Sarah Meadows

Treasurers report.

It was agreed that Jo Yates will take over from Lisa Cole as treasurer due to Lisa working at school now. Many thanks Lisa for all your hard work over the last year. The paying in books were given to Jo, and all cash now needs to be paid in ASAP as we had a lot of cash sitting in the school safe. We made the following amounts:                                   

  1. Christmas Raffle                                          £274.76
  2. Christmas Fair £111.50 although with extra cash around £250.00
  3. Disco £138.20

Jo Yates, Liz Gough, and Sarah need to be set up to be able to sign cheques ASAP

New Appointments.

After 2 really successful years Michelle English has stepped down as chair, this is due to her been a very busy councilor and the PTA would like to say a huge thank you for all the amazing work you have contributed.

Moving forwards it was agreed that Fiona Pack would be chair along with Angela Stanley, Jo Yates will step in as treasurer.


A Valentines Disco has been scheduled for February 12th Miss Wilson to ask Mrs Mather if she is available, otherwise Mrs Bates and Mrs Cole have offered. Grace Wheeler has confirmed she can help decorating the hall. It was discussed that under 5’s are not be left by parents, A note will be added to parents in the Flyer to stop this from happening.

Easter Egg Hunt It was agreed that an Easter Egg hunt was to be held on 19th March at the community orchard. Michelle was going to check that was OK with Jane Bugg. £2.00 per child was suggested and each child would receive an egg. Fiona suggested it was a village event so all local people could come along. Michelle English has a contact at Tesco who Fiona will try and get free easter eggs from.

New members  Fiona Pack will go into school on Thursday 25th February at the taster day to talk to new parents about the work the PTA do.

Mothers Day. This will be held on Friday 4th March. Mums will be invited in for tea and cake. We decided the PTA would help do shopping material bags with the children’s signatures or drawings on the bags. Will need to get some quotes and get this done in February.

Pancake Day Races Julie requested frying pans for Tuesday 9th February.

Shed for PTA this was discussed and agreed the PTA would purchase a shed for around £200 to keep all the equipment in.

Wish List Miss Wilson would like to tidy up the area around the quiet garden and to improve the area around the new Eco House. Jo Yates said her husband would come out a quote and have a look at what needed doing.

Next Meeting  To be agreed after Half Term.

Signed Fiona Pack

11th March 2015.


  1. Approval of previous minutes, no apologies

2.         Treasurers report. See attached

Bank balance as at 8th February 2015 :-       £2004.87

Payments approved:                                          

Forest school                                               £1500.00

M English (mothers day gifts)                  £   49.83

The PTFA thanked the following for donations received :-

Michelle Brotherton - money raised for Defib Training, £150 has been received.

Andy Train

Andrew Grant

The Chair requested a  full breakdown of expenses  in order to see which fundraising events were raising the most amount of monies.

New signatures are required, Michelle English and Michelle Brotherton were nominated

3.         100 Club, it was agreed that this would be run again for 2015                ACTION LC

4.         150 year celebration 12th May

4.1       It was agreed that the PTFA would order and pay for 150 badges for the children, art work was approved.                                                                                                        ACTION ME

4.2       The PTFA agreed to donate £200 towards play equipment for the older children or to have the play area remarked

4.2       The PTFA agreed to assist with the selling of balloons at £3 each or 4 for £10.

5.         Fund raising

5.1       Disco’s

            Spring disco Friday 17th April                                                                               ACTION GW

            Summer disco Friday 5th June                                                                            ACTION GW

            End of year disco 10th July                                                                                  ACTION GW

5.2       Rodeo Party 20th June.  PTFA agreed to donate puddings.  It was agreed that tickets would go on sale ASAP for £15 each                                                              ACTION ALL

6.         Mothers Day.

Chocolates to be wrapped on Thursday 12 @1.30pm                                          ACTION ALL

7.         Fathers Day ideas

It was agreed that beer mats would be decorated by the children.                ACTION FP

8.         Walkabout

It was agreed that the school grounds could be used for children’s activities

  • Bouncy Castle, check insurance                                                                       ACTION JW
  • Face painting
  • Games
    • Basketball (into trugs)
    • Nerf gun rifle range
    • Choose a square
    • Pick a duck
    • Name the bear
  • Balloon maker                                                                                                        ACTION GW
  • Flower stall, it was agreed that the children could grow herbs                ACTION LC
  • Cake, sweets, donuts & candy floss
    • Guess the weight of the cake
    • Number of sweets in the jar
  • Teddy Tombola
  • Maypole dance                                                                                                     ACTION JW
  • Ice cream, its was agreed that this would be run by the PTFA.  Governors offered to run the stall.                                                                                     ACTION PS
  • It was agreed that hot food and cold drinks would be served both days

Cooking - volunteers

Serving – volunteers

  • Tombola stall dates

27th March

24th April

29th May

26th June

Volunteers needed, PTFA members to start recruiting                                ACTION ALL

  1. Fun Run                                                                                                           ACTION EB
  2. It was agreed to start the race at 2pm. 
  3. 3km with a shorter one for children
  4. Sponsorship needed for medals
  5. Warm up, James Train
  6. Michelle Brotherton to do First Aid

10.       Any other business

  1. Duck race                                                                                                    ACTION DB
  2. Easter Egg sale
  3. Clean up -  Sunday 11 – 4 dates to be advertised                           ACTION LC
  • Volunteer with a chainsaw license needed
  • Digger and Skip required
  • BBQ to be held at lunch time

11.4    Bell boating                                                                                                 ACTION LC

  • It was agreed that the PTFA would apply for a grant to purchase equipment for the 4-7 year olds.
  • A bell boating team to be made up of year 4 children as well as a mixed team

11.5    Sell advertising space –                                                                            ACTION CW

11.6    School Wish list



Phonics resources

Yard broom

  1. Recruitment of new committee members
  • It was agreed that the chair would prepare a news letter            ACTION ME


Angela Stanley