Our  dedicated team of staff, led by Headteacher, Miss Julie Wilson, aim to do their very best for your children.  Here are their details, with photos where available:


Miss Julie Wilson


Designated Safeguarding Lead


Miss Zoe Pettit

Assistant Head Teacher

Elm Class Teacher (YR/1)


Miss Lily Bermingham

Willow Class Teacher (Y2)


Miss Jessica Grove

Ash Class Teacher (Y3)


Miss Marianne Bailey

Oak ClassTeacher (Y4)

 Mrs Kerry Bullas

Pre School Manager

Maple Class

Mrs Elisa Kirby

Pre School Supervisor 

Maple Class

Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Sam Robinson

PreSchool Assistant

Maple Class

 Miss Leah Knight

Pre School Assistant

Maple Class

Mrs Claire Leaver

Teaching Assistant

Elm Class (YR/1)

Mrs Jo O'Malley

Teaching Assistant

Willow Class (Y2)


Mrs Tracey Payne

Teaching Assistant

Willow Class (Y2)

Mrs Helena Wood

Teaching Assistant

Ash Class (Y3)

Miss Mali Hill

Teaching Assistant

Oak Class (Y4)

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Alison Marlow

Office Manager

Clerk to the Governors

Mr Jake Bennett 

Change for Life Coach


Mrs Lesley Farmer

Wraparound Manager/Midday Supervisor

Mrs Tracey Davies

Midday Supervisor

Mrs Rachel Brooker

Midday Supervisor


Cleaner in Charge